Three future solutions to inspire you.

Here are three future ideas to help you imagine how new kinds of self-driving vehicles will allow us to move people and goods in new ways, and rethink the delivery of essential public services. They serve as inspiration only and your proposals should in no way be limited by the themes or solutions presented here.


Flexible low cost transportation

By 2030, automation, electrification, and sharing could reduce the taxi fares up to 80% per mile/km. Self-driving taxis could avoid up to 90% of current accidents, improving both passenger and public safety dramatically.

City services on the move


Autonomous vehicle technology will blur the distinction between vehicles and structures, enabling cities to deploy new kinds of mobile facilities that feel more like buildings than trailers.

Neighborly package & goods delivery


Logistics companies are looking to small AVs to provide the critical last-mile link to customers. Delivery bots could eliminate heavy trucks from city streets, reducing emissions and congestion.

If you’d like to learn more about autonomous vehicles and cities, download the AVs Primer to help cities prepare for the shift to autonomous vehicles

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