Frequently Asked Questions 


1. Why am I being asked to do this?

Your city joined the Bloomberg Aspen Cities & Autonomous Vehicles Initiative to prepare for a major technology that will transform our cities. Your participation matters because of your role in planning and delivering services that are of immediate importance to residents.

Your insights and ideas will help us broaden our horizon on specific needs or opportunities for AVs to meet real needs in our communities. Because AVs can move people, goods, and services they are much more than a self-driving car.

2. As part of the Bloomberg Aspen Initiative on Cities and Autonomous Vehicles, is my city planning an AVs pilot?

Through the Initiative, we are looking to identify opportunities where autonomous vehicle technology could help our city solve problems or leverage new opportunities. We are interested in sourcing ideas and having a conversation, across city government and our stakeholders. We may find this results in a pilot in the near-term, or that it will inform city policy and planning in the coming months and years.

3. Is this Program only for the City’s transportation department?

No. Through this Program we are exploring how AV technology can improve and transform the delivery of essential public services across the city government. For example, it could affect how cities deliver mobility services for the disabled, improve climate change goals, support educational outcomes, or improve disaster response.

An opportunity may come from any department across the city government. Consider what your department spends a lot of time or money on today, related to moving people, goods, and services. Could autonomous vehicles be part of a better solution?

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4. If my idea is selected will I be involved in the pilot implementation?

At this stage, we are looking to identify a wide range of ideas so we can help ensure that the integration of autonomous vehicles can make life better for city residents. We will look to engage with a broad group of city staff and stakeholders around this issue. No decisions around pilot selection or implementation are being made at this time.

5. Will this Program be entirely in English?

Yes, the Program delivery and support from Bloomberg Philanthropies and Citymart will be delivered entirely in English. However, you may translate templates to local languages and participants will have the ability to translate our tools, including the web app, to your preferred language using Google Translate embedded in the tools.

6. If I have trouble using the web app, who should I contact?

If you have trouble or questions about using the web app please contact