Flexible low cost transportation

What kinds of new, specialized services could radically cheaper, safer taxis make possible? By 2030, automation, electrification and sharing could reduce the taxi fares by as much as 80 percent per mile (km). And self-driving taxis could avoid up to 90 percent of current accidents, improving both passenger and public safety dramatically.

Think about how low-cost, safe, on demand transportation could change how you or your department meets citizen needs. Could paid assistants replace drivers to give children and senior citizens greater mobility giving parents and caregivers independence from dependents’ travel schedules? Could residents in public transit deserts self-organize and group buying power to create their own, ultra-low cost transit services?

Key Performance Indicators as evidence of successful applications might include:

  • Average fare
  • Accident rates
  • Number of additional people served
  • Rider satisfaction

What ways do you think affordable, safe taxi services could address your city’s challenges?