Participating cities: Austin, TX, USA; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Helsinki, Finland; London, UK; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Nashville, TN, USA; Paris, France; São Paulo, Brazil; Tel Aviv, Israel; and Washington D.C., USA.


Step 1

SOLICIT ideas and opportunities for how AVs could solve existing city problems from colleagues across a range of city departments  (transportation, zoning & planning, human services, education, etc.) Through a 2-week internal campaign, the city lead asks staff from many different departments to put forward short-term projects and ideas where AVs could help the city address a challenge or opportunity. (May ’17) 

Step 2

PRIORITIZE cities’ common priorities at the second convening of the Bloomberg Aspen Initiative in Maryland, where the participating ities collaborate to identify one or more common areas of interest for pilots and the terms of collaboration. At this point cities can opt in to move ahead with the joint pilot program. (June ’17) 

Step 3

IMPLEMENT a pilot Program if Partner Cities choose to advance. The Initiative will support the group or a subset of cities in developing the appropriate process to engage the market and implement pilots. (Jul’17 – Sep ’18)